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Indelible Election Stains Ink
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Indelible Stain Ink Quote Only

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Indelible Stain Ink; Quote Only

The indelible stain ink is specially formulated to safely leave a permanent stain, which cannot be easily removed for up to 7 days typically, however our inks can be developed to your requirements.

Available in the following formulations;
10% Silver Nitrate
14% Silver Nitrate

18% Silver Nitrate 

25% Silver Nitrate

WARNING:  25% is
HAZARDOUS - Ink may burn skin

Ink Complies with U.N. Standards

Made in USA

The stain will disappear, once the top layer of stained skin has been shed, but until then, it is impossible to remove through traditional methods.

This makes it ideal for combating electoral fraud as it enables voters to be easily identified.  Offering excellent resistance to water, solvents & bleaching agents.

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