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Fuming - Cyanoacrylic Fuming Products

Fuming Products
Liquid Cyanoacrylate

Concrete Evidence Liquid Cyanoacrylate can be used in conjunction with our Hot Plate (HP-120) or with an existing heating source or cyanoacrylate fuming chamber to provide users with a fast and effective method of developing latent prints.

Cyanoacrylic fuming works on latent prints because fumes adhere to water marks, and latent prints are 98 to 99 percent water.  If footwear impressions are composed of dried liquid, cyanoacrylate fuming may be the best method to use for impression development and enhancement. 

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Hard Evidence™ Liquid Developer
FS-HELD2, 30 ml. (1 oz.) Concrete Evidence™ Liquid Developer, 1 oz

Hard Evidence™ Liquid Developer
FS-HELD162, 473 ml. (16 oz./1 lb.) Concrete Evidence™ Liquid Developer

The Fuma-Dome
he Fuma-Dome™ is a revolutionary system for developing latent prints via cyanoacrylate (superglue) fumes. Unlike other fuming guns, the Fuma-Dome™ combines a fuming gun and fuming chamber into one system specifically designed for use at a crime scene. It can also be used in the crime laboratory.