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Fingerprint Elimination Print Kits

Fingerprint Elimination Print Kits

Our Elimination Print Kits are designed to be used in the field to compare prints from employees or family members to unknown latent prints found at a crime scene.

The compact size of the kit allows for easy portability.

For higher quantity price breaks or any questions call 800.969.6699 or email us at Sales@FingerprintPads.com

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Elimination Fingerprint Kit
CKFPEL LI, Light Ink, Semi-Inkless Pad Elimination Print Kit
Semi-Inkless Pad Elimination Print Kit

Elimination Print Kits
CKFPEP LE, Law Enforcement Dark Ink Pad Elimination Print Kit
Elimination Print Kits

Fingerprint Elimination Pad
CRDELIM 50 Pack, Fingerprint Elimination Pad/Cd
Each pad contains 50 elimination print cards which measure 7" x 3-3/8".

Postmortem Cardholder
Postmortem Fingerprint Cardholder & Inking Tool
designed to securely hold postmortem fingerprint record card

Postmortem Fingerprint Record Card Strips
These 8” x 1.687" Postmortem Fingerprint Record Cards are specifically designed for use with our Postmortem Cardholder. Quantity: 100/pkg, 50 right and 50 left.

Postmortem Cardholder
Our metal Postmortem Inking Tool is provided with a 1.5" x 2" Porelon® Pad to ensure ultra-black, nonfading, permanent prints that dry in seconds