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Magnifier Software
CSIpix® Comparator

FS-CPCSIPIXM2, CSIpix® 2 Year Maintenance and Support Plan (Begins after first year concludes)

Your Price $158.00
CSIpix® 2 Year Maintenance and Support Plan

(Begins after first year concludes).

We are proud to introduce CSIpix® Comparator, an innovative forensic imaging software that runs on your PC – no new hardware required. Some of the most respected names in the forensics field are using this software to efficiently process forensic images like fingerprints, palm prints, footprints, treadmarks, and ballistics markings from the crime scene to the court room. 

Scan crime scene images directly into CSIpix® Comparator or simply drag and drop these images from e-mails or folders. Scroll through folders efficiently using the thumbnail preview feature. Quickly display two images side by side at the same magnification. Print at 1:1 scale. Easily prepare court exhibits and paste them directly into a slideshow presentation or print them.

Only CSIpix® Comparator includes one-click functions like Auto Scaling, Auto Contrast, and Grayscale Optimization to speed up the comparison process, as well as efficient, easy-to-use tools for annotation and exhibit preparation. 

NOTE:  To avoid paying shipping costs on this item, please call customer service at 800-969-6699, or email us at Sales@HittCompanies.com

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