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Kraft Paper Roll - White & Brown

Our heavy-duty white kraft paper is ideal for lining the bottom of drying closets and other equipment to help collect possible trace evidence that may be lost during the drying process.  It is also utilized to display evidence for photographing and can be used to help properly preserve biological fluid patterns that may be present. 

A paper roll dispenser is also available for purchase, allowing the paper to remain clean and safe.

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Kraft Paper 24"x720' Roll
This heavy-duty, 50 lb. weight, Kraft paper is routinely used for wrapping and protecting evidence.

Kraft Paper Roll
FS-KRAFTROLL24, 36" x 720' Kraft Paper Roll

Kraft Paper Roll - White
36" Wide Kraft Paper Roll - White

Kraft Paper Roll
KRAFTROLL24, 48" x 720' Kraft Paper Roll

24" Paper Dispenser
For a 24" roll