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Evidence Collection Plastic Tubes

These large, clear plastic Evidence Collection Tubes can be used for collecting and protecting a variety of evidence.

These tubes are 12" long and 3" in diameter and come with two tuff-pak caps that will not pop off of the clear plastic tube.

Our Collection Tube can be purchased with a closed-cell polyethylene insert for securing syringe needles, knife points, etc. Tubes are also available without inserts for other types of evidence.

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25 Kit/Case Syringe Protection/Collection Kit
The Syringe Protection/Collection Kit consists of an 8" long by 1.125" diameter clear plastic tube with a red anti-roll soft plastic top.

25 Kit/Case Syringe Protection/Collection Kit
This kit contains two 10ml vacuum tubes containing 100mg Sodium Fluoride and 20mg Potassium Oxalate, instructions for use and all necessary forms, seals and certificates to establish chain-of-possession.

Evidence Collection Tubes
3" x 12" Evidence Collection Tube - 8/case

Evidence Collection Tubes
2" x 7" Evidence Collection Tube - 12/case