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Fluorescent L-Shaped Photomacrographic Scale

6.FS-PSPLF, Fluorescent L-Shaped Photomacrographic Scale - 5/pkg

Your Price $16.95
Fluorescent L-Shaped Photomacrographic Scale - 5/pkg.

Fluorescent INCH L-Shaped Scales, Pack of 5Designed for use with a Forensic Light Source or ultraviolet lamp, this fluorescent L-shaped scale is ideal for photographing evidence such as latent prints developed with fluorescent dyes or powders, or for photography of fluorescing body fluid stains at crime scenes or on evidence. Inch markings are printed with fluorescent ink on a heavy, matte cardstock. Alternating bars every inch help to identify measurements in grossly over- or underexposed photographs. The L-shape of the scale and the crosshairs at each end provide lines of reference for the measurements and ensure the scale is parallel with the film plane.

This scale is identical to the L-shaped Photomacrographic Scale, but it is constructed of heavy cardstock. These Fluorescent Photomacrographic Scales are printed in a bright orange which fluoresces under a UV light source. This scale is used when photographing evidence such as latent prints that have been dusted with fluorescent powders.

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