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Photo Evidence Documentation Kit

CKPEDK Photo Evidence Documentation Kit

Your Price $112.85
CKPEDK Photo Evidence Documentation Kit

Photo Evidence Documentation Kit is designed to provide crime scene investigators with an array of evidence marking materials, making photo documentation as easy and accurate as possible. 

Kit Components
  1 ea. Utility Case, 12 x 7 x 5
  1 ea. Photo Markers Set, #s 1-15
12 ea. Assorted 6" vinyl photo scales
            (2 ea. white, black, grey,
            transparent, blue, and yellow)
  1 ea. ABFO Photomacrographic L Scale
  1 ea. Fluorescent L Scale
  1 ea. Pack of Adhesive Backed Scales -
            2 in/5 cm, Grey w/Black (50 p/pk)
  1 ea. Pack of Disposable 6" L Scales
            White w/Black (25 p/pk)
  1 ea. Roll Adhesive Backed L Scales
            with write-on area, 100/roll
  1 ea. Roll Adhesive Backed Photo Scale
            Tape, 2.5 cm x 12.5 m (inch/metric)
  1 ea. Evidence Marker, Black
  1 ea. Tape Measure 16 ft/5 m

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