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8" Fiberglass Latent Print Duster

Your Price $21.15
8" Fiberglass Latent Print Duster

This Fiberglass Fingerprint Brush has super fine bristles for soft brushing action. Mated to an easy to grip black handle, this brush is filled with the highest quality fiberglass.

Forensic Brushes

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Latent Print Powder Brushes - Whisper™ Fiberglass. Our Whisper™ Brushes are the finest fiberglass latent print powder brushes available anywhere.


Fill Material
Trim: 2-1/8"
Overall Length: 8"
Handle Material: Wood

Excellent balance and made with fine quality.

- Made of thousands of ultra fine and ultra soft fiberglass filaments

Always Soft - The tip of the fiberglass filaments
                       becomes even softer with use

Any questions call 800.969.6699, or email us at Sales@FingerprintPads.com
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