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Magnetic Applicators

Magnetic Applicators

We offer three choices in magnetic applicators.

The Standard black, ergonomically-designed magnetic applicator has a powerful magnet to hold a large amount of magnetic powder. A spring-loaded handle holds the internal magnet forward, allowing dusting of surfaces above a horizontal plane, even overhead. When ready, simply pull the handle to release the powder. A hexagonal lip around the rim of the applicator prevents powder from creeping up the handle of the applicator and prevents the applicator from rolling when placed on a horizontal surface. The Standard Magnetic Applicator is 51⁄2" long.

The small and lightweight Red Wand Magnetic Applicator is an economical alternative to our Standard black applicator. Roughly the size of a pen or pencil, the small red wand fits easily in a shirt pocket and holds a working volume of powder.

The TEX Ultra-Light is a lightweight and powerful magnetic applicator. The TEX Ultra-Light includes a single plastic cover.

For higher quantity price breaks or any questions call 800.969.6699 or email us at Sales@FingerprintPads.com

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Latent Print Powder Magnetic Wand - Retractable
Latent Print Powder Magnetic Wand - Retractable

Latent Print Powder Magnetic Wand - Retractable
Latent Print Powder Magnetic Wand - Retractable Pocket

Tex Magnetic Wand
Tex Magnetic Wand