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UVG-4 Hand held mini light

UVG-4 Hand held mini light

Your Price $62.00
UVG-4 Hand Held Mini Light

Mini four-watt UV Lamps are battery operated and are excellent as a portable lamp for field use.

Main Features
  • Models include longwave, shortwave and longwave/shortwave combination
  • Four Watts
  • Manufactured of impact-resistant plastic which resists fading or cracking
  • Lamps are small enough to fit in a pocket
  • A nylon strap is attached for easy carrying
  • 4 AA batteries (order separately)
  • The UVSL-14P includes a slider plate for selecting either the longwave or shortwave

UV Source:
Select from 365nm, 254nm, or combination 365/254nm in the same lamp
Power Source:
4 AA batteries (order separately)

UVG-4, UVSL-14P, UVL-4:  6.25L x 1W x 2.2D in. (159 x 25 x 56mm)
UVL-4F:  7.9L x 2W x 1.25D in. (201 x 51 x 32mm)
Part Numbers
Model Part Number Description Replacement Tubes
UVG-4 95-0158-04 Mini UV Lamp, 254nm 34-0003-01
UVSL-14P 95-0188-02 Mini UV Lamp, 254nm/365nm 34-0004-01
UVL-4 95-0125-05 Mini UV Lamp, 365nm 34-0010-01
UVL-4F 95-0305-03 Mini UV Lamp, 365nm w/flashlight 34-0010-01

Any questions please call 714-979-1405 or email us at Sales@HittMarking.com
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