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Evidence Versa-Cones
Crime Scene Cones
Numbered Evidence Versa-Cones
Crime Scene Versa-Cones

Evidence Versa-Cones - Sold in sets of 20 each

Your Price $99.50
Evidence Versa-Cones

What makes Versa-Cones so great? It's one of those ideas everyone wishes they had thought of: numbers on all four sides. This allows you to take photos at a crime scene from any vantage point without spending extra time moving cones. Available in four colors; these sturdy cones are designed not to tip over or blow away, giving you the security of knowing you will be able to locate all of your evidence when the time comes. In extreme conditions, the pre-drilled holes on top of each Versa-Cone allows for flags or stakes to be inserted for an additional safeguard.

Save time and lower your frustration level by adding Versa-Cones to your crime scene photography and evidence collection supplies today!

Your choice between numbers; 1-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80 and 81-100
Your choice of colors; Green or Yellow

Any questions call 800.969.6699 or email us at Sales@FingerprintPads.com
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