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Bluestar Training DVD

BLSDVD, Bluestar® Training DVD

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Bluestar® Training DVD

Since its introduction in Europe in early 2001, Bluestar® Latent Bloodstain Reagent has become the latent bloodstain reagent of choice for crime scene investigation.  The Learning to Use Bluestar DVD is a great way to train to use this excellent tool for locating bloodstains. 

This 47 minute DVD details how to use Bluestar® at a crime scene from start to finish.  Each chapter can be accessed directly without having to view the entire DVD, allowing you to access the chapter of interest.

Available separately, Bluestar® offers a low-cost forensic training kit (see Recommended Products, right).  Because it will destroy DNA and prevent typing, training Bluestar® should only be used where DNA typing is not necessary.

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