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  • Our Entire Line of Evidence Collection Products Using our powerful UV lights and magnetic strip sensors products to help detect fraud currency.
  • Our "LI" Light Ink aka Inkless Pads; Commonly used by banks, Notary Public, Pawn Shops, ETC.
  • Disposable ink strips for fingerprinting children for 123456 child identification kits or child ID cards. The strips pull apart to access the ink and are designed for easy use.
  • Our "LE" is considered for the Law Enforcement. Our "LE" dark ink is FBI approved.
  • Live-Scan Enhancer Fingerprint Pads were developed to enhance the ridge lines of a fingerprint when using LIVE SCAN or other types of electronic fingerprinting units or equipment.
  • Choose from Applicant, Criminal, Child Record, Child Identification, Palm Print, Elimination and other related fingerprint cards.
  • "True Inkless" Fingerprint Pads Label System. Our label system is ideal for those that are wanting a clean, dark black fingerprint, without the ink used in most fingerprint pads on the market today.
  • Latent Print Powders - Latent Print Powder Applicators & Remover Print Lifters - Hinged Print Lifters - Tape & Backing Cards Latent Print Developers and Supplies...
  • Fingerprint Stations and Tabletop Fingerprint Units. All of the Fingerprinting Stations listed above are also available with your choice of Ceramic or Plastic inserted Pads Semi-Inkless or Dark Ink, Stainless Steel, or Glass Slab inking methods.
  • Fingerprint Elimination Print Kits. Our Elimination Print Kits are designed to be used in the field to compare prints from employees or family members to unknown latent prints found at a crime scene.
  • Fingerprinting Start-Up Kits. Our series of START-UP Kits offers a quick way to get started with your Fingerprinting or Palm Printing Station.
  • Folding Fingerprint Stations. These compact Folding Desktop Fingerprinting Stations fold in half for easy storage and mobility. This portable station measures 20.375" L x 4.25" W.
  • Basic Portable Fingerprinting Kits. Our series of Basic Portable Fingerprinting Kits are ideal for taking fingerprints in the field and are available with our Semi-Inkless pads or with stainless steel or glass inking slabs.
  • Fingerprint Ridge Builder. Fingerprint Ridge Builder is used to add definition and clarity to fingerprint ridges, permitting you to obtain readable prints from the elderly...
  • Fingerprint Paste Ink Rollers / Brayers. Fingerprint Ink Rollers have comfortable, unbreakable, tapered black plastic handles that suit any hand size.
  • Master Latent Fingerprinting Kits. These powders are provided for Technicians who prefer a latent powder with denser weight properties than the standard powders.
  • Latent Print Powders. These powders are provided for Technicians who prefer a latent powder with denser weight properties than the standard powders.
  • Fingerprint Paste Inks, Cleaner, Toweletts and Supplies.
  • Dual Powders. Our Dual Purpose (bi-chromatic) silver/black powder has the same characteristics as our standard black powder; however, it will appear silver on dark-colored surfaces and black on light-colored surfaces.
  • Fingerprint Inking Slabs. Glass or Stainless Steel Inking Slabs and Wood Riser/Backing Plates. Our Inking Slabs are available in two different sizes and in either polished stainless steel or .25" thick glass.