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Urine Specimen Collection

Urine Specimen Collection Kit - Bag Version

Your Price $79.95

If you collect urine specimens at your facility and hand deliver them to the laboratory for testing, our Urine Specimen Collection Kit contains all the necessary components to meet your requirements.

Each kit is packaged in a tamper-evident, heat-sealed integrity bag.

Kit Components
1 ea. Product Identification Sheet/FDA Insert
1 ea. Pre-sealed 120 ml widemouth Collection
Cup/Bottle with a urine temperature
monitoring thermometer affixed
1 ea. Leakproof, tamper-evident, self-sealing,
double-pouch Specimen/Document Bag,
6” x 10”, containing a liquid
absorbing sheet
1 ea. Urine specimen bottle Security Seal

Quantity: 25/case

Any questions call 800.969.6699, or email us at Sales@HittCompanies.com

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