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TEX Ultra Light Magnetic Powder Wand

TEX Ultra Light Magnetic Powder Wand

Your Price $8.25

TEX Ultra Light Magnetic Powder Wand

Detailed Description;

This patented, light-weight (3oz.) wand contains an unbelievably strong magnet in the stem and, therefore, picks up and holds a greater amount of powder than most magnetic wands (see photograph). The outer body is made of a polypropylene material which can be easily cleaned with a tissue when changing from one color powder to another.

Due to budgetary restraints, training continues to be a major problem with most agencies throughout the country. The TEX Retractable Magnetic Powder Wand allows even inexperienced investigators to develop excellent latent prints at a crime scene. Each wand is supplied with a protection plastic container and supplied with an instruction sheet.

Any questions call 800-969-6699 or email us at Sales@HittCompanies.com

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