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Stainless Steel Slab Master Portable Fingerprinting Kit

Stainless Steel Slab Master Portable Fingerprinting Kit

Your Price $388.90
Stainless Steel Slab Master Portable Fingerprinting Kit

Our four Master Portable Fingerprinting Kits are truly complete stations on-the-go.

Each Master Kit is provided in our lifetime warranty Master Crime Scene Kit Case, which means you'll never deal with the expense or inconvenience of having to replace your kit case. Master Fingerprint Kits are supplied with all the components you will need, along with a compact Folding Desktop Fingerprinting Station that will keep your inking system and cardholder right where you need them - together. These kits truly allow you to move your fingerprinting station to the field.

Our Stainless Steel Slab Master Fingerprinting Kit is supplied with the following components: 

- Master Carrying Case (15" L x 16" W x 8" H)
- Folding Fingerprinting Station with single cardholder / Stainless Steel Slab 
- 4 oz. tube of Grade A Fingerprint Slab Ink
- 3" Roll-Ease® Ink Roller
- 10 oz. Spray-Away® Slab and Roller Cleaner
- 8 oz. Fingerprint Ridge Builder Pump Spray
- 40 Ink Remover Towelettes
- 50 Criminal Fingerprint Record Cards
- one 500 count box of Re-Print Tabs
- 20 Nitrile Barrier Gloves.

All ID Technologies Fingerprinting Kits are supplied with Criminal Record Cards; however, Applicant-Personnel-Immigration Fingerprint Record Cards are available in place of the Criminal Fingerprint Cards upon request. Please enter "Applicant Cards" in the comment area of the checkout page if you would like Applicant Cards.

Any questions call 800.969.6699, or email us at Sales@HittCompanies.com

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