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Photo Scale Tape 
Photo Scale Tape - Adhesive-Backed

Photo Scale Tape - Adhesive-Backed - Yellow

Your Price $19.95
Photo Scale Tape - Adhesive-Backed - Yellow.

This continuous roll, adhesive-backed Photo Scale Tape is one you will want to have at a crime scene.  The bright yellow color causes it to stand out in photos, making it easier to read.  It is made of glare-resistant materials and printed with optirectilinear markings which cause the measuring lines to be visible from a distance. 

The tape is printed vertical up, meaning you only use what you need.  It is printed and attached to a paper liner like a decal, allowing the backing to be exposed quickly.  The adhesive is high tack but removeable and will not cause surface degredation or leave a surface residue.  Nearly any surface can accept this ruler, including skin, glass, painted surfaces, plastic, and rugs.

Any questions call 800.969.6699, or email us at Sales@HittCompanies.com

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