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NIN-PRINT Ninhydrin Aerosol Spray

Nin-print Solution 250ml can

SKU: FS-B78500
Your Price $18.75
NIN-PRINT Ninhydrin Aerosol Spray

NIN-PRINT, our new aerosol ninhydrin solution, is the ideal way to develop latent prints on various papers found at crime scenes.  NIN-PRINT will react to the amino acids and proteins found in latent prints and will turn purple when heated.  

Available in a 250 ml spray, our easy-to-use spray is extremely fast-drying and is CFC-free. 

It will develop latent prints without causing inks to run.

NOTE: NIN-PRINT does not contain acetic acid.

Any questions call 800-969-6699 or email us at Sales@HittCompanies.com

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