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Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault Evidence Toxicology Kit

FS-HCDFRE, Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault Evidence Toxicology Kit - 10/case

Your Price $62.95

In cases of sexual assault, evidentiary specimens must be collected promptly; however, in cases where the assault was drug facilitated, the amnesia effect of these drugs may result in the passing of several days before the victim becomes aware they were drugged and then sexually assaulted.

Detection of drugs in drug facilitated sexual assault is limited due to their rapid elimination from the victim's urine.  On the other hand, hair traps and retains date-rape drugs and/or their characteristic metabolites, allowing the detection of a variety of drugs used to facilitate a sexual assault for several months after the assault.

Our Hair Specimen Collection Kit has been designed to assure proper hair collection and ensure proper chain of custody and documentation of the evidence.

Quantity: 10/case

Kit Components
1 ea. Tamper-evident, pre-sealed Kit Envelope, 6" x 9"
1 ea. Kit Instruction Booklet
1 ea. Authorization for Collection and Release  of Evidence Form, printed on 3-ply NCR paper
1 ea. Method A Hair Collection Envelope
1 ea. Method B Hair Collection Envelope
2 ea. Folded Paper Bindles
1 ea. Paper-covered Wire Twist Tie (not shown)
2 ea. Tamper-evident Evidence Security Seals
1 ea. Kit Mailing Envelope, 7.5" x 10.5"
1 ea. Tamper-evident Kit Mailing Envelope Shipping Seal

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