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Blood & Body Fluid Solidifier & Deodorizer Granules

2.5 lb. Smelleze® Blood & Body Fluid Solidifier & Deodorizer Granules

SKU: FS-50017
Your Price $25.95

Absorbs 2 Lbs./Sq. Ft.

  • To use, simply sprinkle on body fluid and sweep
  • Absorbs & solidifies blood, vomit, urine & other body fluids
  • Eliminates and controls body fluid odors
  • Helps control spread of infectious diseases
  • Excellent fluid retention under pressure
  • Works rapidly within minutes
  • Easy to handle & dispose
  • Makes cleaning easier
  • Ideal spill absorbent for hospitals, ambulances, clinics, medical offices, & nursing homes.
  • Made in USA

This state of the art super absorbent granules were specially designed to absorb and encapsulates several hundred times it's own weight in body fluids. Each teaspoon has the ability to solidify over 10 ounzes (300 ml) of body fluids. In addition to absorbing body fluids quickly, the Smelleze® Granules will also control odors and keep your environment clean. 

The Smelleze® Granules are ideal for controlling accidental spills from blood, vomit, urine, ect. and odors in ambulances, homes, cars, hospitals, and nursing homes.

To use, simply sprinke the Smelleze® Granules over the body fluid spill. The body fluids will be quickly encapsulated by the granules on contact and converted into a solid gel. The absorbed body fluids will not leak from the gel even under significant pressure and is easy to handle. Dispose according to all local, state and federal regulations.

Any questions call 800.969.6699, or email us at Sales@HittCompanies.com

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