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Wax Hardener for Snow Impressions
TUFF-TRAK Casting Material 
Tire and Footprint Casting Release Spray
Press, Shake, & Pour Casting Kit-In-A-Bag
Plaster Casting Material
Mikrosil® Casting Putty Kit
Flexible Mixing Bowls
Dust, Sand, and Dirt Hardene

Wax Hardener for Snow Impressions

Taking a cast impression in snow always involves the risk of damaging the impression with your casting material. Impressions in powdery snow can distort or crumble during the pouring process and the exothermic reactions of casting agents can cause melting.

Our Wax Hardener for Snow Impressions is formulated to prime, seal, and protect delicate impressions before and during the application of a casting material. Use it to set the impression before casting, help protect against melting, and seal out excess water that might dilute your casting mix. Simply spray a few coats of wax on the impression, let it harden, then cast the impression following your normal procedures.

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