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TUFF-TRAK Casting Material 
Tire and Footprint Casting Release Spray
Press, Shake, & Pour Casting Kit-In-A-Bag
Plaster Casting Material
Mikrosil® Casting Putty Kit
Flexible Mixing Bowls
Dust, Sand, and Dirt Hardener Kit
Dental Stone Casting Materia

TUFF-TRAK Casting Material

TUFF-TRAK is an easy-to-use casting material, providing incredible impression detail and unsurpassed strength with a compression rating of 18,000 PSI. 

To make casting quick and easy, TUFF-TRAK is self contained in convenient 2 pound bags.   Simply pour 9 ounces of water into the sturdy bag and squeeze until you have a smooth green mixture, then pour the material into the impression to be cast.  Allow 20-30 minutes to set and remove the molded TUFF-TRAK cast for perfect impression evidence.

Our empty plastic Water Containers allow you to carry a ready source of clean water for use in mixing your TUFF-TRAK casting material

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