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MMC Cocaine Trace Wipes

MMC Cocaine Trace Wipes

The MMC Cocaine Trace Wipes provide investigators with a valuable tool for locating and identifying cocaine residue. This extra-large cocaine trace wipe was developed in cooperation with Police and Customs Authorities for the determination of cocaine residues on all surfaces. Simply tear open the foil pouch, remove the wipe,and wipe the surface on which you suspect cocaine residue will be found.  MMC Cocaine Trace Wipes turn from pink to a vivid blue color, indicating the presence of cocaine on a variety of surfaces, such as tabletops, car interiors, luggage, clothing, and more.

The large size [5.75" L x 4" W (13.5 cm L x 15 cm W)] of the MMC Wipes allow investigators to hold the wipe more securely and test a larger area with one wipe.

These wipes have an unlimited shelf life which assures that when you use them, they will provide accurate and reliable results.

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