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Mikrosil® Casting Putty Kit
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Mikrosil® Casting Putty Kit

Mikrosil® Casting Putty is used when highly detailed castings of tool and jimmy marks are required or for lifting dusted latent prints off a rough or round surface. Mikrosil® has been formulated to give excellent rendering of small details, highest contrast for microscopic observations, good releasing ability for the cast, and short curing time.

Mikrosil® is available in four colors:

Brown - the color which many tool mark examiners
   prefer; the dark color increases the visibility of
   detail in the casts made from tool marks, firing
   pin marks, breech face marks, and other marks
   on cartridge casings.
Gray - is preferred by other tool mark examiners
   who photograph the contrast between the
   light-colored surface and shadows produced from
White or Black - can be used to lift dusted latent
 fingerprints from rough or textured surfaces where
   regular lift tape will fail. Use white Mikrosil® with
   black powders;use black Mikrosil® with white,
   silver, or fluorescent powders.


To use Mikrosil®, simply mix the putty and catalyst on a mixing card with the supplied spatula and apply it to the surface being cast. Within six to eight minutes, the cast will be set. Mikrosil® even works in below freezing temperatures, creating a perfect cast within fifteen minutes!
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