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Ozone Generating Air Purifiers - Medium

Medium Ozone Generating Air Purifiers - and supplies

Ozone Generating Air Purifiers - Medium

Our series of Ozone Generating Air Purifiers are used by hundreds of crime labs, police, and sheriff departments, correction facilities, and medical examiners.


Evidence Rooms – eliminates the odors from soiled clothing, mold, marijuana, and other drugs

Autopsy Labs– eliminates odors from decomposing tissue and formaldehyde fumes

Crime Scenes – eliminates decaying body or body fluid odors and even pepper spray

Laboratories– eliminates odors associated with urine specimens for drug analysis, clothing containing blood or other body fluids, and the fumes from chemicals used in labs

The AP40-120 Medium Ozone Generating Air Purifier is designed to remove noxious odors and reduce harmful fumes in laboratories/rooms up to 40,000 cubic feet and has an adjustable ozone output control, multiple option timer, and a continuous running mode.

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