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Body Bags - Heavy-Duty

Our Heavy-Duty Body Bags come with 10 carry straps and are made of a silver colored, non-vinyl, chlorine-free, 12 mil polyethylene material which has a long shelf life, stays flexible to – 70° F, and has a lifting capacity of 450 lbs.

Due to a heat-sealed, inner bag liner design, they comply with OSHA regulation 3130 for Universal Precautions involving containment of body fluids and protection from blood borne pathogens.

Each bag is supplied with a Body Bag Identification Tag Kit.

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Heavy-Duty Body Bags
36" x 96" Heavy-Duty Body Bags

Heavy-Duty Body Bags
48" x 100" X-Large

Heavy-Duty Body Bags
48" x 100" X-Large Heavy-Duty Body Bags